Interior design is making the best possible use of the available space

Our Mission:
To create Well-designed and thought through interior spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical and consists of durable long lasting items – all within a budget. 

Jayvac Interiors CC was started in 2000 as an ‘in-house’ decor and supply standardisation business. It has since grown into a business that can provide – amongst other services, consulting, interior designing and decorating. Jayvac Interior also supplies top-end, high quality items, within the hospitality, as well as residential and commercial industry.

Jayvac's Interior Designer will visit your unique premises to assist with on-site advice in selecting colour schemes, furnishings, fittings and finishes, to achieve an aesthetically pleasing yet practical environment for the end user.

Our understanding, insights and knowledge of the hospitality industry, specifically proves to be invaluable in selecting the correct furniture, fittings and finishes, to enhance the customer experience.

Before and during a refurbishment, Jayvac can advise on current styles and trends, and how to best go about integrating new additions, with your current inventory. All within budgetary boundaries – to enhance the end result.

Jayvac has a proven track record in assisting with designs, layout and flow of brand new developments. Not only do we advise on all quality products, fittings and finishes but we source and supply, as well. Excellent relations and contacts built up over the years, with leading manufacturers and suppliers, will only be to your great advantage. Due to the fact that we source directly from the manufacturers, we often supply a higher quality, more durable product than what might be available locally. This applies to everything, be it paint, tiles, appliances, furniture and fittings, linen, towels, curtains and carpets – put us to the test!


Jayvac is managed by an experienced, formally qualified Interior Designer, in possession of a qualification in Interior Design and eleven years plus experience, in the industry.

Client Testimonials

 Ngwenya Lodge Interior

Diederik, ngwenya lodge

After a lot of hard work, dust and preparation, we can proudly say the revamp has been completed and accepted with great appreciation from all the guests and fellow owners.
We would like to thank everyone involved in the project and a special thanks to Lize and her team for the time and effort to make our reception one to be reckoned with. Kind regards.

Sandy Place Reception

Robin, Sandy Place

The compliments we get after having our reception renovated are never ending, well done to the Jayvac Team; we are so proud to have guests walk into this beautiful setting that you have created.